Ostrario is a collective from Germany’s south, Bavaria, consisting of Simon Karlstetter, Leon Kirchlechner, Matthias Lohscheidt and Maximilian Prüfer. As Bavarians tend to be seen as conservative, weird, beer-drinking minds, we do our best to fulfill these prejudices, but we often fail. We work with moving or still visual media, with a main interest in editorial, motion and photography, creating individual, emotional and maybe stable work. But Ostrario is more than that: It’s a whole way of living and thinking, and even a musical genre that could be described as dada-techno.



· Photoireland Book & Magazine Fair, Dublin (2011)
· Printout!, London (2011)
· Stroke Urban Art Fair, München (2010/2011)
· Preview Art Fair, Berlin (2010/2011)
· De Zines, Madrid (2010)
· Mags We Love, Köln (2010)
· Magazine Library, Tokyo / Los Angeles (2010)


· Reddot Yearbook with DER GREIF magazine (2011)
· itsnicethat.com with DER GREIF magazine (2011)
· page.de with DER GREIF magazine (2011)
· slanted.de with DER GREIF magazine
· Printed Papers by Calin Kruse (2009)



· BECHMANN+Partner GmbH
· Boulezar GmbH
· Bundesverband Filmschnitt Editor. e.V. (BFS)
· Bundesvereinigung der Filmschaffenden-Verbände e.V.
· Berufsverband Kinematografie e.V.
· Dainese S.p.A.
· Filmforum Landsberg
· Gesellschaft für technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)
· JFF München
· Kanzlei Ricci München
· Schmiede Hallein
· Stadttheater Landsberg
· TU München
· Werner Heel


· JAN BERNSTEIN kinetic art and design
· XAVER BÖHM animation
· DEPART visuals
· MIRIAM FRANK tattooing, graphic design
· MAX KICKINGER sound-design
· ELENA KOKTANEK photography
· FISHING FOR COMPLIMENTS generative design collective
· FLUUT Calin Kruse Graphic Design
· JULIA KRUSCH illustration
· ANNA LORENZ graphic design
· LAB BINAER multimedia art laboratory
· LAFKON generative design
· LEONHARD LASS graphic design, generative design
· THANH LONG photography
· MAX MÖRTL animation, motion design
· MATTHIAS NEUMANN editorial design
· MONKEYMEN animation collective
· ANH DUC NGUYEN illustration, drawing
· CHRISTOPH OHANIAN graphic design
· PAUL PUTZAR graphic design
· DAVID SCHARF programming, animation
· SCHMIEDE media art festival
· GABRIEL SHALOM videomusic
· SMATIK graphic design, art direction
· HELENA WIMMER graphic design
· WOEISHI LEAN generative design