400 facts

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website experiment, 400 facts on 4 devices, 2012

This website is the result of an experimental project during a semester at ECAL, Lausanne. Its main aim is to provide a lot of diverse information in a very simple and appropriate way depending on the device. This is realized by changing the layout and the functionality. Using it with a 13 to 15 inch screen provides zapping through curious facts and smart filtering in order to find certain information. Using the iPad the navigation depends on the orientation of the device. Landscape: zapping and relaxing. Portrait: filtering and finding. Using it on very small or very big screens – like an iPhone or a fullscreen-browser on a 27-inch screen – changes the functionality to a more passive mode. The mobile version is more like a little fun-app, that works like a random fact ticker. On a big screen, it works like a screen-saver showing you a new strange fact every few seconds.