Der Greif Schmiede Special

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schmiede special #1, 2009, 3 posters, unfolded 50 x 35 cm
schmiede special #2, 2010, 1 poster, unfolded 70 x 100 cm

The special issues of »DER GREIF« are an unusual documentation about the Schmiede. Schmiede is a festival for people in the creative field who enjoy working together once a year in an old saline near Salzburg. The first special issue from 2009 is a poster magazine consisting of three posters. The idea is to visualize the feeling of Schmiede and to make it accessible for everybody. Every artist from Schmiede could take part by submitting his photos and texts.

The second special issue from 2010 is a A1 poster magazine. The cover is a mirror foil with cut-out sunglasses, so everybody who holds the poster in his hands becomes the cover portrait. One side combines works of the smiths, the layout is based on an experimental grid evolving from the folding of the poster. The other side shows »the smith 2010«, a portrait of all smiths made in processing. Through a special code – found in the imprint, inserted on our website – you reach additional video and audio material.