Motion Studies

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exhibition with interactive installation and 3D-printed sculpture; during women’s FIFA world championship 2011 in Augsburg.

Why do so many people consider women’s soccer to be less aesthetic than men’s soccer? Do women move worse than men? Or is it just because people are used to see men’s soccer on TV for more than 50 years now?
With these questions in mind we went to a motion capturing studio and tracked typical soccer movements executed by a woman and a man. The resulting data was the base for a series of experiments in finding aesthetic forms in sequences of movements. We used Processing to visualize the data and prepare it for renderings in typical 3D modeling programs. In the end we found a cooperating company to print one of the created sculptures in a 3D-print-process with sand. In addition we produced two simple interfaces which gave the visitor the possibilty to create virtual sculptures out of the captured motion data.


Matthias Lohscheidt, Florian Krapp, Sven ten Pas, Johannes Rauch, Stefan Brand, Thomas Ott

Supported by

ProMetal RCT